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Published on December 18th, 2015 | by Charlotte


A Taste of Outlaw’s Vow – Coming Soon From Nicole Snow!

Hi romance fanatics! Nicole Snow was good enough to share some exclusive excerpts from her hot new novel, Outlaw’s Vow, with us. Say hello to Asphalt and keep checking back – we’ll be posting steamy previews for her all the way up until release day. 🙂

This book is scheduled for release on Monday, December 28th. What a way to say goodbye to 2015!

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I jerked up so hard in my seat my knees banged the fucking table. Everybody looked at me, and a couple guys laughed.

Fuck them all. He was talking about Elle Jo, the only chick I’d ever touched and still thought about without dragging her to bed.

That hot, blonde, blue eyed brat still caused my cock to strain some nights. I thought about her when I jerked off alone or dragged some club hole into my room to fill. I came like a wild fucking animal when I imagined what I’d lost with her, getting nothing but that sly little kiss before her old man put lead into my bones.

Then I got pissed, thinking about everything I’d lost, wondering where she’d gone and who she was fucking. It wasn’t me, damn it, and the sick truth made me wanna ram my fist through the wall.

The razors in my blood didn’t take too kindly to hearing her being talked about like a piece of fucking meat neither. That pussy was meant for me one time, and I’d let it fucking go because the Tacoma boys chased me outta town.

That spoiled, sexy club princess had the only cunt I wanted to fuck, and hadn’t. My whole vision went red and the world spun when I thought about her coming back to taunt me, wrapped in some fucked up Grizzlies intrigue she didn’t deserve.

All the brothers around this table had been through some serious shit, sure, but had we lost our goddamned minds?

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