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Stepbrother With Benefits – Lily’s Audiobook Review + Teasers

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“Friends with benefits, stepbrother with benefits, what’s the difference?”

“Um, we’re not even friends, Ethan?”

Rule #1 – It’s only supposed to last for a week…

It’s extremely easy to say that the Stepbrother With Benefits books by Mia Clark are some of my favorite books ever. This series is 100% amazing, with a little bit of everything. I think that’s what I like about it so much. It’s a romantic comedy, with some new adult themes, along with being a forbidden love story, and so so much more. Sometimes it’s insane, but in the best way ever. I honestly can’t praise these books enough. I’m extremely happy that there’s a lot to read. I like how Mia split them into seasons with different stories, too. It really does remind me of episodes and seasons in a TV series, like she says.

When I found out that there were going to be audiobooks, I wanted to try them so bad. I think I stalked her Facebook page waiting to see them. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with her so that we could do some special exclusive teasers for you all, too! These are from the beginning of the book and give you a great idea of how CJ Bloom and James Cavenaugh in the roles of Ashley and Ethan of Stepbrother With Benefits.

Just hit the play button beneath all of the teaser pictures to start listening!

Stepbrother With Benefits – A Steamy Introduction…

stepbrother with benefits review - steamy intro teaser
The first intro is basically a sex scene. Be careful who is around while you listen. You’ve been warned!

How did I wind up naked, face down ass up on my bed, with my stepbrother behind me, thrusting hard into me, my face buried in a pillow to muffle my moans while our parents are downstairs making dinner and waiting for us to join them so we can eat? Well, that’s a long story.

I love this intro! I’ve loved it since I first read it, but listening to it is seriously so amazing, too. I think it really sets the scene for what’s to come, and gives you an idea of how Ethan and Ashley’s relationship is going to unfold. Is it really “just for a week” or are these two going to fall for each other hard?

My favorite part is the rules they make together. It’s cute sometimes, but sexy at other times, and I just love seeing what new rules they’ll come up with. It’s supposed to be for their stepbrother with benefits relationship, but sometimes it seems like more. I love how Ethan’s rules are all about Ashley, too.

Ashley’s Introduction

stepbrother with benefits review - ashley's intro teaser

“Ash, you live five hours away from me. We’ll be apart the whole summer. What kind of relationship is that?”

“Um… a long distance one?” I say.

Let the official record state that Ashley’s boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend by the end of this scene, thank God!) is 100% an asshole. She deserves better, and I’m sure that pretty soon her sexy stepbrother is going to show her just how much better she deserves…

If only things were that easy for Ethan and Ashley, though. There might be a reason why Jake’s name rhymes with snake.

Ethan’s Introduction

stepbrother with benefits review - ethan's intro teaser

Don’t fucking judge me.

Ethan needs a change of pace? Hm… I think I know just the girl for him! Yes, she might be his stepsister, but she’s the good girl sugar that goes perfectly with his bad boy spice, and together they’re one of the naughtiest treats you’ll ever find!

One of my favorite parts of the books is how Ethan talks to you sometimes. It’s funny and different. It’s even better in the audiobooks, since you feel like you’re right there and a real part of the story.

You’re going to love these books just as much as I do. If you haven’t tried an audiobook before, I guarantee you’ll be hooked! Mia Clark has seriously outdone herself here.

Start your trial subscription and get Stepbrother With Benefits 1 for free today ❤


One-click buy link – Stepbrother With Benefits 1 on Amazon

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