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Published on December 21st, 2015 | by Charlotte


Outlaw’s Vow Heats Up Biker Romance – Coming Soon from Nicole Snow!

Another day, and we have two more sexy excerpts from Nicole Snow’s upcoming release, Outlaw’s Vow! I CAN’T WAIT!

It’s due out Monday, December 28th, and here’s a few links for our author:

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Outlaw's Vow by Nicole Snow

ELLE JO, OUTLAW’S VOW by Nicole Snow

I struggled out of Asphalt’s grip and stood. He wrapped his hands around me, cradling me close, and we watched the two biker chiefs face off. I struggled harder when my back leaned against his torso, catching something hard, eager, alive in his pants with my butt.

Oh, shit. I blushed like I was about to burst into flames.

We’d barely been reunited for five minutes, and he already wanted to fuck me, finish what we’d started four years ago on a cold, awkward night.

I wiggled away, shaking my veil to try to cover the wild, shameful red blooming on my cheeks. Asphalt grabbed my wrists and clenched tight, that hold a man has that says you’re not going anywhere, babe.

He said more, too. Every single part of him. I heard that rough, eager bulge between his legs talking to me loud and clear when it pressed against me again.

Stay close. Stay horny. I’m not letting you up ’til you feel every fucking inch of this, babe. Everything I should’ve made you feel years ago.

We took a long delay, and we lost time to kill. I’m gonna fuck your damned brains out.



Fuck the past. Fuck the endless stream of sewage the club had been dealing with ever since I hooked up with the Redding crew. Fuck the poison running in my veins.

And fuck Elle Jo more than anything else for giving me the shakes every time I thought about crushing my mouth to hers, much less sliding into that sweet puss I’d been denied for four hellish years. Fuck her for making my dick so hard I could’ve pounded railroad spikes, and fuck her for knowing I’d never be driving it into her, ripping at her hair, spilling my come up inside her.

Fuck. Everything.


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