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Published on December 26th, 2015 | by Charlotte


Outlaw’s Vow Is Just Too HOT For Kindle – It’s Almost Here!

Finally! Two more days and counting until Nicole Snow’s big release. She was kind enough to share one more screen-melting preview with us from dirty talking bad boy Asphalt. What a bad boy, right?



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Asphalt Teaser Up and Down - Outlaw's Vow by Nicole Snow


Bullshit. She hadn’t held me like she was playing games when we rode into town, straight to the place where I’d get her branded as mine.

I wanted to throw her over the leather chair in the tattoo parlor and fuck the ever living hell out of her on the spot. But only after I’d spanked her raw first.

Her hands moved across my abs like she wanted it on my bike. So did her lips at the altar. What the fuck were we doing, pretending otherwise?

My cock hammered in my pants the whole way through that damned ceremony, and it hadn’t eased up a beat since we rode into town, my bike decked out in its colors, her losing that long ass wedding skirt before we hit the pavement.

‘Course, the girl was completely right. This shit was all a political stunt, and Gil must’ve done a pretty good job of convincing her. Didn’t change the fact that my body knew what it wanted.

Hers did, too. Fuck, she touched me like she was starving, and I wanted to make every inch of her a feast.

I looked her up and down, not even trying to hide the lust in my eyes. Couldn’t stop picturing those high, white bitch heels she had on digging into my ass, her long legs wrapped around me, spurring me on like a bull ’til I broke the fucking bed and left her sore for days.

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