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Published on December 23rd, 2015 | by Charlotte


Outlaw’s Vow – Wildest Biker Romance Ever!

One of the last, sexiest previews from Nicole Snow before her new novel goes live on 12-28! WOW, WOW, WOW. Don’t forget to check out her amazing cover reveal too!

Outlaw's Vow by Nicole Snow Cover Reveal

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Elle Teaser - Overpowered

ELLE JO, OUTLAW’S VOW by Nicole Snow

“Babe,” he said quietly, as if he’d been carefully listening to everything.

“What?” I spat, waiting for the next load of crap to drop on my head from his dirty mouth.

“Shut up.”

The asshole kissed me. He kissed me harder than he’d ever smashed his lips on mine any time in my life. We were numb from the cold rain, messy and dirty, rolling on the ground, but he just kept coming like I’d told him I loved him, rather than screaming a stream of abuse.

The emotional dam building up inside me completely shattered.

I cried. I punched him, I thought about biting off his tongue when he pushed it into my mouth. But I never once took my lips off his.

Asphalt kissed me deeper. Before I knew what was happening, he eased his weight off my arms, and I threw them around his neck, pulling him as close as two people could possibly get.

Damn it, damn it, god damn it, the bastard could kiss. Deep down, I adored him, even when he overpowered me.

Hell, especially when he overpowered me.

He put out the fire in my mouth and ignited a new one in my body. My nipples tingled, my pussy ached, the insane desire to give it up to him here in the park, the dirt, took over my brain.

His head twisted, pulling his mouth off me, leaving me stunned and breathless. My senses only went crazier when his teeth grazed my throat. He planted new, rough kisses there, so possessive they were bound to leave a few marks.

And I loved it. I loved him, or if that was a little too premature, then I was falling so fast I’d be flattened in another week. But that didn’t mean I’d stopped hating him, too, as fucked up as it sounds.

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